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Brooke Charlesworth

English/Executive Functioning Coach

Brooke has worked hard to discover and improve teaching methods for a continually changing youth for the last thirteen years as an educator. Presently, she is an Instructional Coach and Resource Room Teacher at The Langley School in McClean, VA. As the Middle School Instructional Coach, Brooke works with teachers across middle school grades and disciplines to support differentiated instruction in an inquiry-based curriculum. As a Resource Teacher, she supports students who benefit from additional time, accommodations, and skill development. In addition to her role at Langley, Brooke holds a dual-position as a Curriculum Consultant and English Teacher at Edukita, an Indonesian education start-up for English Language Learners. She also runs her own piano business, serving approximately eight private beginner and intermediate students.

Prior to her time at Langley, Brooke was fortunate to teach countless students between the ages of 8-15 in Washington, DC, Brooklyn, NY, Indianapolis, IN, and Santiago de Compostela, Spain. She spent one year with KIPP DC as a Lead Special Educator and Case Manager and previously seven years at Achievement First East New York Middle School in Brooklyn, NY. During her last year at AFENYMS, she held a multifaceted position as Upper School Compliance Coordinator, Grade Level Chair, Lead 8th Grade Writing Teacher, and 8th Grade Literature Learning Specialist. Prior to teaching eighth grade, Brooke spent two years teaching 5th Grade Writing. While living in NYC, Brooke spent three summers training and developing 30+ cohorts of new teachers through the NYC Teaching Fellows and one summer teaching English Language Learners at Chester College International School in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

Before working in NY, Brooke spent four years teaching in Indianapolis, IN, where she was placed through Lalanne, a graduate program at the University of Dayton funded by AmeriCorps. While in Indianapolis, Brooke taught third, fourth and sixth grade, and served on her school's Leadership Team. She was also actively involved with Stand for Children as a Community Builder, training principals, teachers, and parents on advocacy work for Senate Bill I.

Brooke holds an M.S. in Literacy from the University of Dayton and a B.A. in Elementary and Special Education with a Minor in Music. She loves running, skiing, and playing piano and guitar during her free time!

Brooke Charlesworth
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