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Usoshi Chatterjee

Math/SAT/ACT/Science Tutor

Usoshi is a doctoral student in the department of Environmental Science and Technology at University of
Maryland. She has a Master of Science and Bachelor of Science from The Ohio State University in Food
and Biological Engineering and is interested in learning various ways to incorporate sustainable systems.
Her doctoral research focuses on developing innovative bioenergy/processing technologies to increase
agricultural productivity. She is passionate about applied science and math and hopes to share that
passion for STEM with all her students. Usoshi has years of experience teaching in the classroom as a
Teaching Assistant for college level courses like Heat and Mass Transfer, Senior Engineering Capstone,
and Ecological Design. She also has experience tutoring individuals in Math and Science topics and
courses (middle school, high school, and college level). She holds certificates in LEED and has experience
with ACT/SAT/GRE training. Usoshi also struggled with certain subjects throughout her schooling and
understands that not everything comes immediately to everyone, and that a good mentor can make or
break interest in a subject. Her goal is to make intimidating concepts approachable and to not just build
confidence in a topic, but also success for all her students in a way that works for each of their individual
needs and build critical thinking skills.
Usoshi also has several years of experience as a camp counselor working with kids of all ages.
Throughout high school she worked with fantastic kids ages 8-15 with for Stepping Stones Summer
Camp, a camp that focuses on creating memorable program experiences that build independence for
kids with developmental disabilities. Throughout college she was a counselor for Camp Kesem - a
nationwide community, driven by passionate college student leaders, that supports children through
and beyond their parent's cancer. Camp Kesem operates free summer camps for children who have
been impacted by a parent's cancer. Usoshi was mainly a teen (ages 12-18) camp counselor and has
hands on training on interacting with amazing kids dealing with lots of unique situations.
Usoshi holds a minor in Studio Art from Ohio State University and is happy to learn from and teach
various skillsets. In her free time, she enjoys fine arts, piano, swimming, climbing, yoga, exploring,
spending time with loved ones, and more.

Usoshi Chatterjee
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