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Andrea Webber

OG Reading Tutor/Writing Tutor

Mrs. Andrea Webber holds a BA in Journalism from American University and a Montessori Certification in Early Childhood Education. She also recently completed the Orton-Gillingham Plus language training. Andrea is currently a lead teacher at the Woods Academy, is on the Woods Academy admissions committee, and is the Montessori blogger for the Woods newsletter. Her blogs can regularly be read in the Parish Times. Mrs. Webber is also a Montessori teacher trainer for the Montgomery Montessori Institute where she helps shepherd adult learners through the rigorous process of obtaining a Montessori Certificate.

Before coming to the Woods Academy, Mrs. Webber worked at the Manor Montessori school in Bethesda for 10 years where she served as the Campus Director and lead Montessori teacher. Prior to starting her teaching career, Mrs. Webber had a career in journalism as a television producer, radio producer, book researcher, and freelance writer.

She has a passion for the written and spoken word and delights in helping ignite the same passion in her students.

Andrea Webber
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