- Jessica Silverman, Senior at Walter Johnson High School, Class of 2019

"Rachel was amazing in helping me come up with and craft my college essay. I really wouldn't have been able to write such an incredible essay without her. She really knows what she's doing, and the fact that I was able to participate in the workshop with my best friend was such a great experience. She is so incredibly nice and she genuinely wants you to succeed in making the best essay possible. Rachel really took the stress out of the whole process of writing an essay, and I can't be more thankful for all of her help."


More Valued Reviews

“Rachel helped me write my college essays and other writing assignments. She was so easy to work with, so easy to talk to, and she was so helpful all around.   She builds confidence and makes great suggestions.  I trusted her abilities. I also got into my top school!"

- Carli Boyer, Dickinson College, Class of 2022

"As a parent, I have found that teacher effectiveness directly affects student achievement. Michael is a gifted teacher who seems to have a natural talent for his profession. He has strong knowledge of mathematics and superb teaching strategies. His personal approach to my kid is that of a compassionate and empathic human being. He really cares and shows his concern to my child. My daughter has fun learning math with Michael and looks forward to meeting him every time. He counts on him as a teacher, tutor and friend. Michael has also shown leadership and great communication skills with us parents. As a math tutor he has the power to get the best out of my daughter. He makes the class a place where my daughter wants to be. "

 -Lale Bouquet, Mother of Lola Bouquet, Sophomore at Georgetown Day School 

‘Rachel came highly recommended by a friend, so I knew she was qualified, but I wasn't sure if my daughter would connect with her.  After the first visit, It was very clear to me that they had a good working relationship! Rachel was very positive and put my daughter at ease right away.  She felt very comfortable with Rachel which allowed her to share thoughts and ideas, and her writing has definitely improved. I would highly recommend Rachel to anyone."

- Laura Boyer, Mother of Carli Boyer, Dickinson College, Class of 2022


“My daughter had SAT and AP Lang help from a wonderful teacher and I had to pass on this ‘great find!’  We are not ones who often employ tutors, but Rachel really made a difference for my daughter. Some unsolicited comments from Allison were:  ‘She changed my life’ and ‘Now I know what I've been doing wrong all these years.’ Rachel really helped her thoroughly understand what she was reading.  Her patience, demeanor and tactics to break down the reading and writing process were worth every penny. I feel like my daughter is better prepared for any class she takes now in high school or college.  She is so great."

- Jill Ruff, Parent of Allison Ruff, University of South Carolina, Class of 2020


"I’ve had a couple writing coaches during my high school tenure, but Rachel was by far the most helpful.  She reviewed and provided extremely helpful insight on each of my college essays which helped me write my best work.  We began, not by diving into the essay, but rather by discussing my thoughts and trying to gain insights into my reflection and points.  Additionally, Rachel helped keep me calm during the college process which can be extremely stressful. I really enjoyed working with Rachel and in just a short period of time she truly helped me improve my writing skills."

- Julia Wilson, Wake Forest University, Class of 2022

“Although it has been 5 years since her AP Language class, I remember so much of what Rachel taught me in terms of writing style and the editing process. Even now, I still use her tips for writing persuasive pieces and analyzing arguments! Not only did she improve my writing, but she also provided our class with interesting, interactive assignments that were both challenging and inspiring. Rachel was also was extremely generous with her time: I remember going into her office during lunch and after school to seek writing help and/or general life advice, even when I was no longer in her class. She remains by far my favorite English teacher of all time!"

- Maddy Goldberg, Cornell University, Class of 2018


“Rachel was a great help to our whole family during our son’s college application process.  She took the stress out of the family dynamic that previously included us parents constantly reminding our college applicant to do something that he was having a hard time with.  Our son appeared to be having a really hard time finding his ‘voice’. He was good at writing for information, on a specific topic, for a particular school subject, but he seemed really uncomfortable talking about himself in a way that felt to him, like bragging.  Rachel had a very good rapport with our son, and she was good at encouraging and drawing out his perspective. Even the first essay tutoring session resulted in paragraphs of written material that he could build on. Rachel’s suggestions were thoughtful and specific, but in no way did she write any of the essay for him.  Rachel got a sense of what his values are, and found a way to help him convey that to others in a way this is likely to be well-received.”

- Alison Carr, Mother of Luke Carr, College of William & Mary, Class of 2022

“Rachel was my AP Lang teacher, she helped me improve my writing and encouraged peer-editing and collaboration. Since being in her class, I have noticed extreme advancement in my diction, and overall writing style. Rachel's expertise on college-essay writing helped me hone my Common App essay, and I was accepted to my first choice college."

- Zoe Frankfurter, George Washington University, Class of 2021


“Rachel helped me to become the writer I am today. I went into the class with ample room for improvement, and she challenged me with a large course load and thought-provoking assignments. With each lesson, my writing technique improved as I learned new skills. One of the main reasons she has made such an impression on me – other than her bubbly personality and evident love for her field – is her distinct style of teaching. On a daily basis, Rachel encouraged us to collaborate with other students and receive feedback from fellow classmates. Through requiring critical self-analysis, she enabled students to gain insight about their writing style in unique way that I have not experienced with any other instructor. She was extremely approachable and was eager to answer questions so that we could be as successful as possible. Furthermore, Rachel gave me the foundation necessary to move forward with my education. Her passion for writing inspired me to pursue a major in communications. Considering her lasting impact on my own writing, I am certain that Rachel has inspired many others to similarly love this subject.”

- Emma Zwick, Florida University, Class of 2019

"Rachel is so nice -- she listens and she helps me think. She helps you get started if you are unclear what you are trying to say. She never writes it for you, but helps you find better words. Thanks to Rachel, I think my essays were the strongest part of my college applications. I got into seven out of eight colleges."

- Aria Brauchli, University of Colorado-Boulder, Class of 2022

"Rachel has been instrumental in instilling a love of writing in me. The skills I have taken from her AP  Language and Composition class have been invaluable -- from rhetorical analysis to annotation and argumentative structure, she taught and reinforced the necessity of foundational writing skills that I have taken with me throughout college. Her intelligence and skill in the language arts exceeds the standards of high school, preparing her students for writing in higher education. She sets the bar high, but encourages her students to not only meet, but exceed, these expectations set for them. I cannot recommend Rachel enough. There is no other mentor as compassionate, experienced, and genuinely caring about her students. Don't miss out on an opportunity to work with someone who shaped my high school career! She is truly an incredible teacher and writers of any level can benefit from her expertise."

-Megan Chun, University of Southern California, Class of 2018