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Bonnie Lechner

English/Executive Functioning Coach

Bonnie is currently in her 5th year teaching in Montgomery County Public Schools, with experience in 7th, 9th, and 10th grade Honors English. In addition, she is an award winning yearbook adviser and unofficial tech coach at Walter Johnson High School. She specializes in close reading skills and creative writing.

During her time at Mount St. Mary's earning a degree in English and Secondary Education, Bonnie focused on experiential and digital learning. She ran service learning expeditions for peers and staff, trained leaders on campus using game-based learning, and co-wrote the curriculum for the Semester of Service Study Abroad program. Upon graduation and the beginning of her teaching in MCPS, Bonnie made it a priority to always include experiential and game-based learning in her everyday lessons.

In her free time, Bonnie can be found at the park with her dog Murphy, painting, catching up on her endless list of books to read, or playing board games with friends.

Bonnie Lechner
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