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David Zelivinski

Math/Science Tutor/Executive Functioning Coach

David Zelivinski's expertise is particularly notable in mathematics, where he excels in Algebra 1, Honors Geometry, pre-calculus, and Algebra 2. David is adept at tutoring students with diverse learning styles, creating engaging and enriching lessons that make complex concepts accessible and interesting. He loves supporting students with organizational strategies that they can apply across disciplines, helping students with short-term and long-term planning, and supporting them as they gain confidence and independence as a learner.
He also specializes in SAT tutoring, equipping students with the necessary strategies and knowledge to excel on the exam. David enjoys tutoring students in biology and chemistry! Beyond academics, David is an avid reader and enjoys challenging himself with chess and trivia, constantly seeking to expand his knowledge and cognitive skills. His previous experience in tutoring math and reading intervention at elementary schools highlights his commitment to education and his skill in nurturing and inspiring young minds. David’s multifaceted expertise and dedication to teaching and personal growth are evident in his every endeavor.

David Zelivinski
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