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Jordana Ashe

French/Executive Functioning Coach

Jordana has been an MCPS educator for over 25 years teaching students French and Theory of Knowledge, the core class of the International Baccalaureate program. She has also taught a resource class for students in the International Baccalaureate diploma program. She is certified to teach French and Social Studies grades 7-12. Currently, she teaches at Seneca Valley High School but has also taught 8 years in middle schools in Montgomery County. She has also taught continuing education at Montgomery College, as well as tutored French to students in private and public schools in the DMV for over 30 years. Jordana enjoys helping students to speak, read, understand, and write French. She also is passionate about teaching critical thinking and organizational skills.

She received her BA in French and Political Sciences from the University of Michigan, Graduate Teaching Degree in Secondary education in French and Social Students from American University. Jordana also has a degree in International Business (equivalent to a masters) from the Institut D’Etudes Politique de Paris (Science Po Paris). Jordana has a lot of experience teaching different types of learners in the classroom as well as experience from raising three children, one of whom has learning challenges.

In her free time, Jordana enjoys spending time with family who live in the area and meeting friends for walks and runs. She also swims and hikes.

Jordana Ashe
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