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Joseph Ostroman

Math Tutor

Joseph Ostroman's career has been profoundly shaped by his passion for mathematics. Over the course of the last 13 years, he has had the privilege of working as a mathematics teacher, covering subjects like Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, and PreCalculus. Within these classrooms, he has discovered his true calling, utilizing innovative techniques such as 3D printing and software to render mathematics tangible and thrilling for his students. His commitment extends beyond the classroom, as he actively collaborates with colleagues, administrators, and parents to develop personalized programs that cater to the distinct learning needs of each student.

Joseph's journey in the field of mathematics has been characterized by continual learning and growth, exemplified by his diverse certifications and project involvements. Whether it's his engagement in data science, acquisition of a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, or his roles as a Google Certified Teacher and Apple Certified Teacher, he perpetually seeks methods to enhance the learning experience. His dedication to math tutoring transcends mere profession; it's a vocation with the aim of inspiring young minds and nurturing an enduring passion for mathematics

Joseph Ostroman
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