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Junie Michel

History/Executive Functioning Coach

Junie Michel has been a classroom teacher for over two decades, working with students from all over the world in Grades 6 through 12. Given the varied background of the students, Junie's main goal has been helping them achieve success through differentiated instruction so that she can meet their individual educational needs. She aims to foster student-teacher understanding through strong relationships. She believes in supporting executive function skills to help students approach tasks with focus and organization. She also concentrates on getting students to develop the skills needed for coherent analytical writing. Junie believes that each child will be successful with the appropriate time, energy and commitment.

At present, Junie is a consultant who coaches teachers and develops materials for IB teachers and students. She has previously taught in public and private schools in San Francisco and Atlanta. Over the course of her career, she has also spent over 15 years teaching in private schools in the United Kingdom, Romania, United Arab Emirates, Sudan, India and Vietnam. In that time she has taught American and British curricula as well as the International Baccalaureate (IB). This combination of experiences has provided her with unique opportunities to address varied learning styles and teaching methodologies. Junie has taught World and American History, Global Politics, English, Theory of Knowledge, Geography and the IB Extended Essay.

Junie has earned a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Florida and a Masters in Educational Leadership from the University of Bath (UK). She also holds a bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts from the University of Florida as well as one in Political Science and another in Environmental Science from the University of Central Florida.

Junie Michel
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