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We offer students the tools and strategies they need to feel empowered and confident

Fostering Your Child's Excellence

Our tutors will help your child move through limiting beliefs that fuel anxiety and negatively impact academic performance; We use best teaching practices to maximize students’ potential and growth.

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Cultivate Effective Learning Skills

Our academic coaches will meet students where they are and get them to where they want to be. Our highly qualified, certified teachers are experienced and compassionate educators, each with their own refined craft. GSW coaches understand that connection and relationships are essential to foster learning.


Personalized Teaching for Inspired Learning

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Our team of teachers believe that interdisciplinary connection is key to understanding the relevance in education. Our academic coaches offer personalized lessons to encourage engagement, creativity, and discovery. GSW's team are role models, professional educators, and experts in their chosen field who inspire, push, and motivate students.

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Our Founding Values

Students deserve individualized lessons that appeal to their specific learning styles and academic needs


Organizational and study skills enable students to become independent learners and critical thinkers


Teaching is a craft and the right teacher can make a world of difference in the life of a child

Student-Teacher Fit

“There are few professions--outside of the people professions--in which you learn so much about yourself so quickly. In your classroom, every pair of eyes is a three-dimensional mirror and if you look into them you will see when you have succeeded, when you have failed, when you have enlightened, when you have obscured, when you have shown how, when you missed the cue. A rather unique that informs you very quickly about who you are…”


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Together We Can Find Your Child the Right Fit

As a mom of three, I understand the unique abilities of children (my three kids are certainly different!). We'll begin the process with a detailed conversation so I can best understand your child's needs. I'll be able to speak to what has worked best in the past and offer insight regarding the path moving forward, pairing your child with a highly skilled teacher with an appropriate background.


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Working with GSW

— Beth O’Shea, Mother of a Landon Graduate 2021

“My son CJ has been working with Rachel since his freshman year in high school. She has been a godsend helping him navigate through four years of a difficult curriculum. CJ always looks forward to working with Rachel-best tutor any of my children have ever worked with..”

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