Empowering students to discover their voice and signature style

College Essay Group Workshops

Gather your friends and get your college essay completed in just 1 week. The intimate classroom environment is the best of both worlds; it provides you with one-on-one attention throughout the creative process and allows for discussion and interaction with those who know you best. GSW summer group workshops enable you find your own “signature” style and feel confident in the stories you tell.  

Private Academic Coaching

Learn efficiently in a way that make sense for you. Rachel provides innovative private lessons, differentiated instruction, and consistent parent communication to ensure students' specific learning goals are achieved. Rachel designs lessons to cater to individual students' strengths, development areas, and interests, with the objective of working smarter and building confidence.

Working with Rachel

"Rachel is an incredibly skillful, empathetic and supportive teacher. I’m so grateful to have had her as a mentor in high school, when I was just at the start of my life as a writer. She immediately took my work seriously – which helped me do the same – and guided me to cultivate the necessary skills to grow and deepen my writing abilities. Rachel's unwavering belief in my creative, academic and leadership potential was instrumental to my own self-confidence and achievements, and allowed me to seriously envision and eventually pursue a professional writing career. "


Lily Karlin, Harvard University class of 2013